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Graddress is a LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, (PHP, Perl, Python)) application that automatically generates graphical representations of e-mail addresses. Such graphical representations (using the default configuration) are resistant to Optical Character Recognition algorithms, because the address is "pasted" on top of a background that "confuses" OCR software.

The name is a short form of "graphical address."

Database Setup

Graddress requires a MySQL database to be setup before it will work. The database name, table name, etc. can be configured as described below. The table you use needs the following fields: The user specified in the configuration file needs SELECT, INSERT, and DELETE access to this table.


The configuration file contains the following configuration options:

MySQL Configuration

Graphical Configuration

(These items may be moved into the database in future versions to allow configuration on a per-email basis.)

Apache Configuration

In order to use symbolic links with graphical filename extensions JPG, JPEG, GIF or PNG you have to configure Apache to treat files in the graddress directory with those extensions as PHP scripts. Here is a sample .htaccess file:
Options Indexes FollowSymLinks
AddHandler php-script .png
AddHandler php-script .jpg
AddHandler php-script .jpeg
AddHandler php-script .gif


E-mail addresses and hashes can be added and deleted through graddress/admin/. These scripts can automatically create symbolic links if $hashsrc is configured as 'dir' or 'filename'. It automatically cleans up symbolic links when you delete an address.

You can also integrate this into a wrapper around useradd and userdel. (Graddress does not come with such a wrapper. This is a reference for you if you choose to write one yourself.) The useradd wrapper needs to add the email address and hash to the database and create symbolic links (in the graddress directory) of the format '<hash>.jpg' that link to 'address.php' for 'filename' hashes or '<hash>' that links to '.' for 'dir' hashes. The userdel wrapper needs to delete the address and hash from the database and remove the symbolic links corresponding to that has.


You can download graddress through SourceForge.

Included Fonts

Graddress includes sample fonts released under the GPL by Dustin Norlander. Logo
Copyright © 2005 by CyberMan Software.